Advisory & Assurance Services


OpenWorld offers a range of specialist advisory & assurance services to the Aerospace Industry.

AOC Establishment - OpenWorld offers services to help operators establish AOC's and manage the associated change safely, efficiently & in full compliance with regulations when transitioning into operations.  


Aviation Security - Aviation Security Standards are globally inconsistent & nowhere more so than in the developing world. Risks go unidentified, training & equipment is often out of date, facilities are often intrinsically insecure and cultural barriers can prevent the correct application of procedures. Fallibility, in a world of rapidly evolving risk.  

Business & Operations Restructuring - OpenWorld combines in-depth operational knowledge with real world business experience spanning the globe and the aerospace sector. By combining our expertise in identifying the optimum financing, aircraft platforms, support structures & human resource requirements, we are able to help operators achieve the right business solution to efficiently deliver operations whilst ensuring safety & regulatory compliance.

Dangerous Goods Handling Procedures - Dangerous Goods handling procedures are often overlooked. Ground staff fail to identify goods that present a hazard to aircraft, resulting in prohibited items being taken on board without the correct controls applied.  

Emergency Response Testing & Resilience - An ERP that works well in the developed world is unlikely to work effectively in the developing world. You’ll face different pressures, environments you cannot control, accident sites you cannot access, difficult communications, potentially aggressive intrusions and confusing local response infrastructures. The only way to be ready, is to know what you will face there.

Regulatory Engagement - OpenWorld is experienced in dealing with Aviation regulators the world over and we offer operators our expertise and experience in identifying acceptable means of compliance within regulatory frameworks the world over. 

OpenWorld has the expertise and experience necessary to assist your business achieve its operational goals, safely and efficiently, wherever you may operate.